Theatresports Schools Challenge FAQ

“Make statements not questions! – Say ‘Follow me to the river!’ rather than ‘Which way is the river?’ If you have questions about your character or the scene, answer them yourself.”

– Jon Williams, Director of the TSC.


Jon Williams

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Q. What are the dates of the TSC heats?

A. The TSC heats take place in Term 2. Schools will be notified of their heat dates before the end of Term 1.

Q. How many students can be in a TSC team?

A. Any team in the TSC needs a minimum of three students and can have up to five students.

Q. Can younger students be in the intermediate division or intermediate players participate in senior heats of the TSC?

A: You may have year 8 players in an intermediate team, so long as they (and their parents) are fully aware that they will be competing against students in years 9 and 10. However, we would still expect the majority of players (i.e. at least 3 of the 5 students) to be the correct age. Likewise, intermediate players can be used to make up the numbers of a senior team if there are not enough senior players. However, we would still expect the majority of players to be the correct age. Also bear in mind that you only need three players to make up a team.

Q. Can a second intermediate team be entered as a senior team in the TSC?

A. No. Schools may only enter their best intermediate team. But intermediate students can be added to a Senior team if they do not have sufficient numbers. NOTE: A student may only compete in one division.

Q. Is the Theatresports® Schools Competition suitable for the whole family?

A. Yes. The TSC is a family-oriented show but, as it is improvised, we cannot ensure there may not be some adult language and concepts. Think of it as a PG (parental guidance recommended).

Q. Can tickets be booked in advance for heats or qualifying finals?

A. No. Tickets are on sale on the day of the performance at the door, 15 minutes before the start of the show.

Q. Do drivers qualify for a free ticket at the door?

A. The free list is for the members of the team and one teacher (or a guardian). All other persons are required to pay the ticket price.

Q. Can extra students do the TSC workshop, but only five play in the competition?

A. No, only those students competing in the heat are allowed to take part in the workshop to keep the numbers at a manageable level for the tutors. Teachers are free to observe the workshop if they wish.

Q. Is there a workshop before the TSC second chance heats or semi-finals like there is before the heats?

A. No, the workshops take place for the heats only, but a group warm up takes place before every TSC show.

Q. Can we bring the registration forms on the night?

A. Registration forms can be brought on the night only if the registration fee has already been paid and you have been cleared to do so by the Education team.

Q. Do we get a refund if we have to withdraw?

A. Entry fees to the TSC are non-refundable.

Q. What time does the workshop and show start?

A. Students need to be at the Workshops by no later that 4:15 pm. The show starts at 7pm and usually finishes by 9pm. The call time for the students at the second chance and semi-finals is 6pm. Teams are kept onstage for 10 minutes after the show for a debriefng to receive notes and advice on how to improve their teams performance from the judges and hosts.

Q. How many heats do each team take part in?

A. Each team takes part in one workshop and one heat, and then either move to a semi-final (top 3-4 teams in the heat) or to a second chance heat (the remaining 3-4 teams from the heat).

Q. Can we video the performance of the students?

A. No video footage is allowed.

Q. Can I take photo’s of the TSC shows?

A. No pictures are allowed to be taken during the show, except by an authorised representative of the host school. Pictures can be taken after the completion of the TSC.

Q. Who will be judging the TSC?

A. The judges, tutors and hosts are selected from the membership of Impro Australia. They have all had training in school workshops and performances.

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