“The improviser has to understand that his first skill lies in releasing his partner’s imagination.”

– Keith Johnstone, creator of Theatresports

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Theatresports Licensing For Schools


Theatresports® is a licensed name and product owned and operated by Impro Australia in NSW, on behalf of the International Theatresports® Institute in Canada.


The name Theatresports® and the show format cannot be used without our permission, especially where audiences pay to watch or the show is publicised outside of a school.


Impro Australia can provide annual performance licences to schools if they have had training/workshops with Impro Australia professionals. All schools participating in the Theatresports® Schools Challenge receive an annual performance license for free for this reason.


Once you’ve been granted a performance license, you are free to conduct Theatresports® events and shows at your school throughout the year, making money for charity or your school or whatever you wish. You can even involve students from other schools.


In addition, Impro Australia can provide a range of materials to assist you. We can also provide hosts, workshop tutors, judges and musicians, for a fee.


Support materials include

  • Theatresports® Score Cards
  • Theatresports® Score Sheet
  • Theatresports® Games List
  • Theatresports® Schools Challenge Handbooks (downloadable)
  • Scene Titles sheet
  • Email/phone support and advice

If you have any questions, please contact


KEITH JOHNSTONE is a pioneer and internationally respected authority on theatrical improvisation. He is the creator of this wonderful art form we teach play called Theatresports®. Keith’s other improvised theatre formats include Maestro Impro©, Gorilla Theatre™, and The Life Game©. He has written two best selling books about his theatre and improvisation theories and practices, in addition to several plays and short stories.

Keith founded the Theatre Machine Improvisation group in England in the 1960’s, touring Europe and North America, was the Co-founder and Artistic Director of The Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary, Canada in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. He founded The International Theatresports™ Institute in 1998.

Keith is a beloved figure amongst the theatre fraternity and his work has had a profound influence the performance styles and careers of countless people from students to actors to professionals and public leaders.