Theatresports in Schools

A squillion thanks.
The youth engagement and involvement was stunning!
My 9 year old son replayed, practically word-for-word, the entire performance yesterday!
We have still got the giggles up!!!”

– Sue Arndt – Mansfield


Jon Williams

schools [at]

Impro Australia (IA) facilitates shows & workshops for thousands of school students across the state annually. For over 15 years, IA has produced one of the State’s premier inter-school competitions: The TheatreSports® Schools Challenge (TSC). The TSC brings primary & secondary students together from over 100 independent and government schools across Sydney, Wollongong, the Central Coast and as far out as Bowral and Nowra to participate, perform together and share in the joyful spirit of improvisation. IA also creates tailored workshops for primary & high school students to suit classroom needs: including basic improvisation and teamwork skills, Theatresports® games training and specific projects such as the HSC Group Performance.

Here’s some clips of Senior Students (yrs 11 & 12) and Intermediate students (yrs 9 & 10) performing in the TSC Finals at the Enmore Theatre, as well as Junior students (yrs 7 & 8) performing in the TSC Finals at The Actors Centre, Sydney…