Corporate Entertainment & Training

Our company awards event could not have gone any better. Marko’s hosting was brilliant. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy and the Theatresports players kept them laughing all night.”

– Julie Spinks, PBS Property Group Pty Ltd


Director of Corporate Entertainment & Training:

John Knowles

john.knowles [at]

The Business of Entertainment

Impro Australia’s corporate team has been helping businesses train their people, sell their products and entertain their staff since 1988. Our work includes conference openers, private performances, business theatre, communication workshops and role-play. Improvisation training combines laughter with learning, experimentation meets experiential.

Our professional facilitators are experts at injecting clever relevant comedy into conferences, corporate events and special occasions where laughter is needed. They are all professional performers and Theatresports® champions, able to immediately engage an audience with interactive scenes and activities.

If your business people are ready to hone their communication, creativity and teamwork skills in a laughter-filled environment…send them to us. Impro Australia’s corporate training is unique, engaging and proven. Our long list of clients range from banks to barstaff, lawyers to garbos. Each participant experiences the joy of inventing completely fresh ideas out of nothing by actively embracing the input of their workmates. The group takes away tips for working fluidly as a team and experiences the fun and benefits of being able to think fast on their feet. Applying impro skills to the workplace, our programs demonstrate how a ‘Yes’ culture can transform the dynamic of meetings, pitches and everyday interactions helping to align departments, lift team performance and build connections across an organisation.

Impro Australia is actively forging reciprocal relationships with the business sector. Opportunities exist for training partnerships, national and local event sponsorship and in-house leadership, presentation and performance workshops and consultation.

For all enquiries, please contact:

John Knowles

m) 0413 631 549

Email : corporate [at]