“The very best outsourced presentation we have ever had; innovative, funny and intelligent.” – 3M


Director of Corporate Training & Entertainment: John Knowles

john.knowles [at] improaustralia.com.au

Feedback From Our Clients


“Impro Australia were the perfect group to wake everyone up after lunch. I laughed so much that I was crying.”

– Heritage Bank Conference attendee


Hi John,

I want to say a big thank you to yourself and Michael Gregory for presenting at our Sales Conference this week. You really lifted the tone and engagement in the room. Another brilliant performance!

– Jo Dooley, Director, Sales & Service, SEEK Limited


“Hilarious & so clever. Impro Australia scored an average of 8.64 (out of 10) in our recent survey.  I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to be entertained – you won’t be disappointed.”
Michelle Morley, Heritage Bank


“Thanks so much for a wonderful day yesterday – it was such a hit, everyone loved Impro Australia’s performance. It rated exceptionally well from a quantitative perspective and was very fun, so thank you for helping make the day such a success!” – Tourism Australia


“Wonderful! They were enthralled, a big ask when entertaining our group of Academics. As soon as our people realised they were not going to be made fun of, they were all volunteering to get up on stage to perform with your actors.  I’ve seen TheatreSports™ done before and your team are masters.”

– International Conference on Contemporary Business


“The very best outsourced presentation we have ever had; innovative, funny and intelligent. You fulfilled the brief and more, strengthening our client relationships, and drawing awareness to product.  – 3M


You were fantastic. I understood all about the client’s message just from your clever and very funny stories.”
– Unlimited Corporate Events


“The Improvised entertainment was fantastic. We should look at using them every year for the dinner.”  

– John Murray, Chairman, Australia Investor Relations Association


“Dear John and the Impro Australia crew,

Can I just say- what a bloody fantastic experience you provide! Having you on-board last Thursday with the AIME crew was a delight. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback for your workshop, with 100% of staff nominating it as the highlight of their 2 days in Sydney.

You were a pleasure to work with, and provided an entertaining experience that has sparked imaginations and created an amazing team energy. It’s exactly what we were hoping to achieve and more. So thank you John, Marko, Bryce, Jane, Jon and Michael.”

– Vanessa France, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)


“Congrats on very funny presentation, you guys were perfect for our crowd. The looks on the staff’s faces were priceless.” – Horwitz Publishing


“Wonderful! A brilliant way to use comedy to learn more about and appreciate your employees thereby creating a friendlier, more solid and effective organisation.”  – Australian Centre for Languages


“Given the success of this night there is every chance that we will to do something similar again next year.”

– Price Waterhouse


“Was an excellent opportunity to meet workmates in a new environment, get an understanding of now they operate and have a laugh together. Facilitation was first class. Well done.”

– Westpac


“The material was well pitched and appropriately chosen – it was great to see the staff respond to the improvised scenes with such enjoyment and interest.”  – Pacific Access


“Our company awards event could not have gone any better. Marko’s hosting was brilliant. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy and the TheatreSports™ players kept them laughing all night.”

– Julie Spinks, PBS Property Group Pty Ltd


“Excellent three hours, valuable information was very well presented and a lot of fun.”  – Tricon


“Thank you for the wonderful afternoon. We have been receiving some great feedback and are still the talk of the Thank God Here’s Theatresports event. The entire audience had a wonderful time and immensely enjoyed your event – some even saying they have not laughed like that in a long time. We would not hesitate to use TheatreSports™ again.”

– Yvette Gearside, Senior Manager, Westpac


“You were absolutely fantastic, the Volunteers have not stopped raving about them yet! Our group absolutely loved them. From the moment they walked on stage, they captured the imagination of the audience and kept them fully enthralled for the whole performance.”

– Kylie Macfarlane – Make-A-Wish Australia


“The feedback from our sales staff has been excellent. They want your team back again for our next conference.”  – Hewlett Packard


“We all really loved your performance and would be thrilled to have you guys back for another years entertainment.”

– Caryn O’Shannessy, Admentum


“Thanks so much for the fantastic Theatresports workshop. It was an excellent event. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!!”  – Achieve Global


“You were all wonderful. A squillion thanks. A highlight of the festival. The youth engagement/involvement was stunning! My 9 year old son replayed practically word for word the entire performance yesterday!!  We have still got the giggles up!!!

– Sue Arndt – High Country Festival, Mansfield


“The feedback has been excellent. Nurses have been saying it was the best entertainment they have ever had at one of our events.”

– Nurses Week, Westmead Hospital


“Great job. You guys were much better than I thought you’d be. This audience is hard to impress. Last year they booed the stand-up comic we hired right off the stage. Your TheatreSports™ show kept them interested, engaged and most importantly… laughing.”

– IT Journalism Awards, Star City


Feedback letter  received after an Impro Australia workshop performed for Telstra Business Learning:

“I would like to take the opportunity to submit some feedback in relation to our Impro session.


The way the session was conducted was truly amazing. Every person within our team was involved throughout the session. My observations were that this assisted the team to bond on a different level.


Personally, at first I was out of my comfort zone as it was a new experience for me, however getting in there and giving it a go I was able to become more relaxed and had a great time. I think that this was one key take out for me – don’t be afraid of change or what the future may hold, get in and give it a go and you will be amazed at the results created from minimal resources.


During most of the activities within the session, we were in pairs or groups. My take on this was, that it is necessary to use others in the team to assist and offer support so that we can deal with change together and get bigger and better results. Also team work plays an important part in change.


All the activities that were presented in a well structured and balanced way – ensuring everyone was aware of what needed to be achieved.


After speaking with other members of the team, they had nothing but positive feedback to say in relation to the session. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did I.


If I had the opportunity again I would do so. I would also highly recommend it to other parts of the business so they are able to experience it and get some key taking that will help them adapt to the change that the business is going through.


I would like to thank Impro Australia for assisting and showing myself and our team ways to adapt to change, it was highly beneficial. Thank you.


Aaron Curtis | Learning Specialist

Telstra Business Learning