Role Plays

“Your improvising actors played their character roles exceptionally well. They were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The activity was a resounding success.”

 – Clinical Psychologist and Senior Practitioner, Dept of Human Services


Administrator: John Knowles

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Professional improvisers are adept at Role Play


Role play works. Business studies have shown that role-playing and simulations are extremely effective in providing participants with reflective personal evaluation and a richer understanding of the multiple perspectives of a given scenario.

The use of role-play and it’s recent hybrid known as ‘real play’, can help your organisation to provide a safe environment for their staff to rehearse their approach, hone their presentation and find solutions to challenging scenarios. By immersing participants in a realistic feeling but controlled situation, staff are able to assess their performance and identify areas that may require attention.

The corporate role-play team from Impro Australia (IA) contains some of the most experienced practitioners of workplace improvisation in the country. We have worked with leading companies to help them train and evaluate their workforce since 1990. As professional improvisers, we are able to portray an enormous variety of roles, characters and scenarios with believability and integrity. Years of experience have made our actors adept at creating and or playing prescribed characters that will ‘ring true’ within the environment set up for us.

We ensure that each session is fair and balanced for each participant, setting up a level playing field where they can perform to the best of their ability. Our default approach to the role-plays is to be positive, attentive and encouraging with the participants. We can, of course, be more challenging, if instructed, but we will always ensure that your team complete the experience feeling supported and respected.

The IA corporate role-play team can bring a your script to life or improvise around a given framework to spontaneously integrate your specific information or message into the dialogue. We are happy to be fully directed by you or if requested, to offer our opinion on factors and approaches that we know work best.

Our role-play team is ideal for training and situations including:

•  Trial presentations and pitches
•  Manager-staff interactions and evaluations
•  Navigating challenging conversations
•  Negotiation skills
•  Customer service skills

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IA can also provide facilitators to moderate role-play sessions and assist in the post-scenario assessment. Our role-play program has the flexibility to be used in isolation or to complement other training programs.
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