Since 2004, Impro Australia have provided the the business community with intelligent, witty, insightful and entertaining role-plays.  We can perform a variety of role-play styles and formats depending on the environment and the client’s objectives. Our team is comfortable MCing the main stage, facilitating breakout sessions and or featuring in an on-stage role-play.  

The corporate role-play team from Impro Australia (IA) contains some of the most experienced practitioners of workplace improvisation and business theatre in the country. As professional improvisers, we are able to portray an enormous variety of roles, characters and scenarios with believability, humour, flexibility and integrity. Our seasoned actors are adept at creating and or playing prescribed characters that will ‘ring true’ within the environment set up for us. The IA corporate role-play team can bring your script to life or improvise around a semi-scripted framework to spontaneously integrate specific information or your message into the dialogue. Our team can help write the role-play scenarios from your brief, or and our improvisation flair to an existing role-play script.  

IA has helped organisations to realistically trial a variety of situations for their staff, including:

  • Presentations to win new clients
  • Manager-staff interactions and evaluations
  • Negotiating difficult conversations to reach consensus
  • Skills assessment and development
  • Improving customer service.

IA can also provide facilitators to both moderate role-play sessions and  assist in any post-scenario assessment. Our role-play program has the flexibility to be used in isolation or to complement or augment other training programs being utilised.


The use of role-play and it’s cousin ‘real play’, are dynamic and versatile tools that foster effective communication, enhance problem-solving skills, and promote creativity. By simulating real-world scenarios, employees can develop their decision-making abilities and interpersonal skills in a risk-free environment. This experiential learning approach makes training engaging and memorable, leading to better retention of key concepts. If injecting humour into the mix is one of your goals, our role-play performer pool includes veteran comedians. Our team’s interactive skills ensure active participation, making learning more enjoyable and impactful while adding an entertainment factor.

Past clients who have utilised our role-playing team include: IBM, Microsoft, Gadens Lawyers, Apple, Legal Aid, KPMG, Xerox and the TV show Shark Tank.