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Cranston Cup Heat 5 this Sunday at 2pm & Heat 6 at 5pm

Cranston Cup 2016 A3


Cheer your favourite team! Boo the judges! Shout out suggestions from the audience! Stand up and go wild when a team gets a perfect score for an implausibly brilliant and hilarious scene! Sundays are fundays again!

This Sunday there are two heats on the same day. Come for both!

King Street Theatre











2pm Show – HEAT 5 TEAMS:

• Good Luck Kowalski

• Watt The Watt

• Team WHPA

• Beekeepers Anonymous

• Pluto is a Planet Again? Hell Yeah!

• That Breakfast Show


5pm Show – HEAT 6 TEAMS:

• Lynchy

• Crash Test Dummies

• The Eejits

• Captain Credit and the EFT Posse

• Regular Dirt Bags

• The Matrix s03e07.divx


These teams pictured below performed last week in Heat 4. They were fantastic!

Pictured from top:

That Breakfast Show 
Ryan Atkins
Christine Annis-Brown
Brendan Atkins
Stuart Owen

Radiation Nation 
Jeromaia Detto
Davis Murphy
Chloe Higson

Beekeepers Anonymous
Paul Coulter
Joanna Olivera
Debbie Zukerman
Steve Meagher

Simon Greiner
Laura Hart
Adam Franklin
Chloe Latham

We thought this was a council meeting
Robert Boddington
Jack Ballhausen
Sarah Gaul
Sebastian Scott

Mr Dressup, Miss Biz, Casey and Finnegan
John Knowles
Dean Haglund
Meredith O’Reilly
Dan Cordeaux

morning-show-hosts-img_6890 gang-in-white-suits-img_6893 trio-img_6896 greiners-gang-img_6897 boddingtons-best mr-dress-up-and-friends-img_6901